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Privacy Please
AED 50AED 60

You'll be asking for some one on one in this vivid lavender violet.FINISHUltra MatteSHADEVioletsStep 1: Make sure your lips are… Read More

Cheap Thrills
AED 50AED 60

Will make you holla in this dusty lilac.FINISHUltra MatteSHADEVioletsStep 1: Make sure your lips are bare and dry! Step 2: Apply matching… Read More

Are N Be
AED 50AED 60

Ultra Matte LipARE you ready to BE fabulous in this Rich mauve plum Read More

AED 50AED 60

A cool tone nude beige.FINISHUltra MatteSHADENudes Read More

AED 50AED 60

A deepened russet wine.FINISHUltra MatteSHADEReds Read More

AED 50AED 60

A pale warm nude - your newest guilty pleasureFINISHUltra MatteSHADENudes Read More

AED 50AED 60

Be on top with this warm beige nudeFINISHUltra MatteSHADENudes Read More

AED 50AED 60

Whether you fancy a mini or a maxi you’ll be killin it in this soft neutral beigeFINISHUltra MatteSHADENudes Read More

AED 50AED 60

Shimmy, shake, make an earthquake in this pale pastel baby pinkFINISHUltra MatteSHADENudes Read More

AED 50AED 60

Put a little YOLO in your solow in this neutral nude pinkFINISHUltra MatteSHADENudes Read More

AED 50AED 60

Donut let b*tches kill your vibe while wearing this bright peachFINISHUltra MatteSHADEPinks Read More

AED 50

Never look like a full-on Monet in this dusty mauve pink.FINISHUltra MatteSHADENudes Read More

Bad Habit
AED 50AED 60

This dusty mauve pink will be a bad habit you don't want to kick.FINISHUltra MatteSHADEPinks Read More

AED 50AED 60

You'll wanna build a snowman while wearing this rich rosy pinkFINISHUltra MatteSHADEPinks Read More

More Better
AED 50AED 60

Girl you hot now, but you'll be looking more better in this deep violet wineFINISHUltra MatteSHADEViolets Read More

AED 50AED 60

Be the most popular kid on the playground in this pastel lavender pinkFINISHUltra MatteSHADEViolets Read More

AED 50AED 60

No matter how you say it, you'll always look juicy in this bright warm violetFINISHUltra MatteSHADEViolets Read More

1st Base
AED 50AED 60

Ultra Matte LipYou’re on your way to a home run in this mid- tone true pink Read More

AED 50AED 60

You’ll be a koalafied bad*ss in this vibrant pastel lavenderFINISHUltra MatteSHADEViolets Read More

AED 50AED 60

This vibrant pink magenta with a subtle blue violet undertone will be the cherry on top of your lookFINISHUltra MatteSHADEPinks Read More

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